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DSM 5.0-4528

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In data 22/10/2014, è stato rilasciato l'update per DSM alla versione DSM 5.0-4528

Ecco il comunicato:

We have released a hotfix update with multiple important enhancements for DiskStation Manager (DSM) 5.0. This update is available for all Synology NAS capable of running DSM 5.0. Due to unique infrastructure design, the DSM 5.0 hotfix update for EDS14 will be a standalone build and have a different version number from other models. The update is available for download at Control Panel > Update & Restore. We highly recommend that you install the latest update to obtain an even better experience.
In order to apply this hotfix update on your Synology NAS, you need to upgrade DSM to version 5.0-4622 on EDS14 or to version 5.0-4493 for all other DSM 5.0 compatible models. You can find the update files at Synology Download Center.

Please ignore this message if your Synology NAS is not DSM 5.0 compatible or if you have already installed the latest update.

Should you encounter any issues, please do not hesitate to contact our expert support team.

Synology Development Team

Per poter effettuare l'aggiornamento è necessario aver aggiornato il DSM all'ultima versione precedente e poi procedere al nuovo aggiornamento da Control Panel > Update & Restore.

Ecco il changelog:

This hotfix includes all bug fixes as well as security fixes in the previously released critical updates since DSM 5.0-4458.
This hotfix will remove the current known malware on your Synology NAS.
Fixed Issues
Fixed two Linux kernel vulnerabilities that could allow local users to cause a denial of service resulting in uncontrolled recursion or unkillable mount process (CVE-2014-5471 and CVE-2014-5472).
Fixed one Linux kernel vulnerability that could allow local users to cause a denial of service or possibly gain privileges via a crafted application that triggers a zero count (CVE-2014-0205).
Fixed one Linux kernel vulnerability that could allow man-in-the-middle attackers to spoof servers and obtain sensitive information via a crafted certificate (CVE-2014-6657).
Fixed one SNMP vulnerability where the improper validation of input could allow remote attackers to cause a denial of service (CVE-2014-2284).
Implemented minor fixes related to the ShellShock Bash vulnerabilities previously addressed in DSM 4493-05 updates (Bash 4.2-51, 4.2-52, and 4.2-53).
Synology DS214 play - DS213J

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