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Could not connect to the outgoing mail server

Quando si usa il server NAS come base per la ricezione, memorizzazione ed invio di email

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Last year I was able to manage a Writer template to send my yearly email to my customers, it worked fine. The email has variables connected to their corresponding data in a Worksheet registered in the OpenOffice Database. Everything worked fine with OO 3.3 but yesterday I was trying with same parameters and same Gmail Account and it did not work.

1. In Writer Tools - Options - Writer - Mail Merge E-mail.
I get this error:
" could not connect to the outgoing mail server. Check your system's settings and the settings in Check the server name, the port and the secure connections settings".
I used as the outgoing server port 587 (also port 465)
SSL - SMTP Server requires authentication is checked, with the gmail email and correct password, like it was last year.
These are the proposed Gmail values, and Gmail account has POP and IMAP enabled, I have Win 7.

2. Then I downloaded and Installed OO 3.4.1 and updated Java to the latest version, and same problem, I checked the firewall and Java, OO Writer and OO Base are allowed.

3. Then I moved the files to a Linux PC and test them with Libre Office and even worst, no connection with internet, but Firefox is connecting fine.

I do not understand, if everything was working fine in November 2011 and I have the emergency of sending the email no later than tomorrow

Hope someone can help.

I didn't find the right solution from the internet.
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